Looking at a Jap strat second hand, sunburst, with Tex Mex pickups, 2006. Looks pretty good condition. Any idea on what sought of price I should pay. They don't seem to be available in the UK any more new. Also are Japs usually better or worse than Mex or about the same?
MIJ is generally far superior to MIM, all things being equal (i.e. assuming you aren't comparing a particularly bad example of an MIJ to an uncommonly good example of an MIM, assuming they're both in decent condition, etc. etc.).

I think you should still be able to get MIJ fenders in the UK.

Also consider tokai and stuff like that. A lot of the newer MIJ Fender stuff is made in the Tokai factory... going with tokai cuts out the middle man. Bear in mind that not all tokais are MIJ, though.
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Much much much much better than the mexicans, almost on par to american made's in terms of quality of construction.

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I have played both - and it really depends on the individual guitar. I have had a couple of MIJ strats that were solid and stayed in tune very well. Same with a couple of MIM strats. However, I have also played crappy MIJ & MIM.
ive seen about a million of these flag up since we hit recession stage. a cheaper Squier MIJ goes for about £250 and is very very very good. theres also the MIJ Fenders which are lovely to play after they have had a proper set up, as someone i know used to have one with Texas Specials n it and it sounded pretty bad because of the lack of a set up.

They are very sturdy and can take a beating with the quality in some MIJs passing MIAs.

To Sum Up as everyone has said in one form or another they are really nice
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