Well this is a weird one. If anyone has any clues as to what the hell could be going on I'd really appreciate the input.

So, it first started quite a while ago, I brought the amp home after one gig, and for some reason it seemed like I had to have the volume higher than normal to play at my normal bedroom practice volume. There also seemed to be a larger dead zone between 0-2 where the volume didn't really respond much.

While gigging over the next few months I kind of thought that there were weird power issues with the amp. Like the volume was fading in an out over the course of the night.

Last week when gigging, the amp completely lost all of it's volume. It sounded exactly like what you'd expect if the power tubes had blown. (Actually I cranked it to 10 and played for a couple minutes, and it sounded like bliss... very quiet bliss, but bliss none the less).

Took it home, tried it again, and the problem still persisted. Assuming it was the power tubes, I popped a new set in, and as expected the amp returned to normal. Took it into a tech to get it rebiased. For some reason he tested the old tubes, and told me that they were all fine. Took it home with the old tubes in, and it worked perfectly. Volume knob issues resolved and everything. But after a few days, the volume issues started to appear again. I also noticed a really bad hum every 1/5 times I turn it on for 1-2 minutes, and there's a really loud pop when I switch channels.

So to be safe I had it fully retubed and rebiased, and again perfect for a few days, then the loud popping when I change the channel has returned, as well as the fluctuating volume inconsistencies.

Taken it back to the techs, and they're telling me they can't find anything wrong, which leaves me at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.

Amp is a Hughes and Kettner Statesman 2EL84
I'm guessing some sort of problem with the power supply
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Power supply
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power supply definitely
try another wall socket or another room, or even another house
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