i decided on an orange tiny terror and an avatar cab, will this alone be loud enough for small shows without miking? i want that set up regardless but if i cant mike up i can borrow my friends valveking 2x12 combo...would this be loud enough. only reason im asking is because i havent played that amp at practice yet
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Depends on a lot of variables like size of venue, other amps you're playing up against, how loud you're drummer is, etc. If you're just practicing it should be fine (I use a Night Train in my current band and I don't mic up at practice and I'm going up against a V50 and a Peavey 450 bass amp). If you're shows are small enough, you might not have to mic it. At bigger shows though you're definitely going to have to mic it, especially if you need clean tones.
i also saw that there is a new amp called the dual terror that goes to 30w tube, i think that should be plenty
it was something inside, it was something more than ink
Should be far more than enough, although you won't get crystal-clean tones due to power tube overdrive.

For most guitarists playing blues, rock, hard rock etc, power tube drive is a good thing, believe me!