I've been "playing" guitar for a while, but only recently decided to take it somewhat seriously; until now I've just been happy banging out tunes or whatever, now I'm trying to isolate what's wrong in my playing and how to improve.

One of the things I feel I do really badly is bending and vibrato, mine sound really weak and I don't feel I have much control over it... to be honest I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong since even though I try to imitate videos and stuff I still feel like most of the energy is coming from my fingers, not wrist movement, but I can't quite work out how the mechanics of it should go to make it a wrist thing

I've tried the stickies and, like I said, imitating youtube videos, but does anyone have any tips on getting the mechanics of this to click or w/e, I realise I need to practice but I need to figure out exactly what movement to aim for first

Thanks a lot

ps first post, yay, hi etc. (ex lurker :P)
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hold your hand out. Now, make the shape with your hand like you're holding the neck. while keeping this shape, pretending you're rotating a dial on a stereo or something.

That's the movement you need
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both mr kipling and pigeomafia are correct in techniques, but to get it down its simply more than just knowing that, it takes practice to refine your own version. its taken me 3 years to get a good technique, but i was in the same position as you, i knew how but i couldnt get it to work.

as for bends, try using them in conjunction with vibrato, that helps for me. and never bend with just one finger if you can avoid it.
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