first of all, what's it for? which genres do you like?

and second, the SA260 appears to be nice, but that tremolo may prove to be quite annoying as you dont have any tuning locks.
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It would buy to play rock, metal, punk... different styles.
Sorry for my english
I see that the Ibanez RGR321EX have different pickups depends on the year. One have EMG designed pickups and the other have INF1 and INF2 pickups. What pickups are better?

And the Ibanez SA260FM is better than the Cort G260? Both are very versatile because they have push pull but the pickups are different. Cort have Duncan Designed and Ibanez have AHS1, AHS2 and True Duo Bucker. Also the body is different, one is magohany made and the other swamp ash.
Sorry for my english