I splurged (just a bit, though) and bought a Mesa Mark III blue stripe combo. Sounds rocking.

But one problem: UPS says it will ship Monday. I have class pretty much all day from Monday to Thursday.

I've never really NOT been home when getting a delivery, which is kind of weird. So, what would happen? I assume that they would simply give up and force me to go out to there shipping location? Could I leave a note with my signature on it?
Depends if its a safe area, you have signed in the past, you have it on record to sign, you sign a note on the door or you sign the sticker they put on your door and return..
They usually try to deliver once or twice then they will ship it back or something weird. In the past I have just called them and told them to hold it and I went and picked it up.
Gated neighborhoods ftw.
In that case, I guess I will leave a signed note on Monday, then if they don't accept it, go on Tuesday to their location.