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Tone A
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Tone B
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They are both awesome, choose yourself fool
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I'm currently writing a nice and long epic song, and I'm curious as to if I should stick with my old tone or try something completely new. So, I uploaded a few MP3s to my profile, and I'm wondering which tone you guys like more- Tone A, my new tone (heavy distortion, almost Electric Wizard-esque, downtuned digitally 5 steps, will probably downtune for real for a real recording) or Tone B, my old tone (kind of Lamb of God-esque, distortion)
The cleans sound like crap on Tone A because its downtuned digitally, but the bass booms hard and I thought it fits quite nicely with the thick guitars (especially in the little jam) Also, the leads sound like **** so ignore them lol
So if you guys could pick one GOGOGO