Thought I'd pop my word drop piece up

It's not my best lol =>


Sex put an insidious damper on the evening.

You were before, the mischief of the affair,
pulling out all the characters;

The spindly bombshell,
Complete with upturned nose,
resplendent in spangled heels.
The 50's movie producer
Affecting a Hollwood accent:
“I love your moxy kid, you got gumption!'

Only you can get away with the little digs,
Bordering casual rascism,
You later asked me 'What's crack-a-lacking?'
What does that even mean?

You came down soon after,
Spread eagled on the dunes,
After a failed hallucination.
And splattered pride.
Cawing. Fractured.

A melodramatic back lash to rejection,
the vestigial contraception on the sand.

Perhaps it was all our fault,
Crashing into your love cathedral:

'What ho!?

It seemed funny at the time.
Aye i do have a tendency to overpunctuate,
bit of a grammar nut =/ haha

cheers for the crit =>