Well tomorrow i make a choice..
I do A levels and am studying English lit, Media and film studies however the guitarist inside of me is always screaming at me so today i went over to a music college where i live and signed up to do a 2 year course which will give me my national diploma which is equivalent to 3 A levels..

But it's been destroying me tonight because i only have tonight to decide which path i take.. either stay in A levels and have a stable future and have more of a chance of getting a decent paid job after UNI or.. take a chance go to music college and a university of music and try my hardest to make something work.

Tomorrow morning i either go to Music college or my old college.
Advice is needed i don't have many hours to go.. although it was very lucky of me today.. i went in and applied to the music college and got in within the hour i stormed through the audition.
anyway Advice =] please
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do whatever you enjoy or which has a stabler future i guess
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Make sure your future is stable. THEN go back and do music college.
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Well if you enjoy English lit and Movie stuff, do that and have music as your hobby/relaxation. Get a group of music friends and just play small gigs for fun. But, the thing you have to remember is that you only get one life and you need to enjoy it and not waste it working somewhere where you get no pleasure. So if you can see yourself 20 years from now still enjoying the English route, do that.
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yeah I don't do any sort of music education, but can someone tell me how like music courses help? is it mainly just theory?
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I took an ND in music, it was great, made so many new friends and met alot of musicians, in fact it was probably the best 2 years of my life, but it isn't the most stable of things, so i look forward to serving you coffee in about 5 years time.

EDIT: I have no official tutelage in guitar either, they teach you a little theory but its more about performance, learning about the industry, a little bit of technology, how to be more efficient as a musician really, but if you speak to one of your lecturers they can probably put you onto a good teacher.

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Thanks for the advice.. ahh I'm not going to sleep tonight..
This is really big for me and I'm scared out of my mind! i suppose it is all up to me..
Don't Be Afraid and just look across Blue Fields.
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lol they're both terrible paths. chances are you will end up as a teacher making like 30k a year.(not alot)
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