So my dad has had this Ampeg amp head sitting in his house for decades thats never been used because its main speaker output is a cable that has a microphone jack on it. the 4 pronged thing.

Anyway a couple days ago i noticed that it has a normal 1/4" external speaker jack so I plugged it into a cab and it sounded just fine.

Now my question is whether or not just having the heads external speaker jack plugged in and not the main one will damage the amp?
I'm guessing it's a vocal amp if it's got a microphone jack. And I've seen keyboards that use that same 4-prong design, too.
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thats been the general consensus. Though both my tele and my dads jazz bass sound incredible through it. I am just worried about blowing the amp out by having the wrong jack plugged in
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Do you mean the output is an XLR jack? Any idea what wattage the amp is then?

yeah, sorry I didn't know what the exact name was until i looked it up. Yes XLR, no idea what the the wattage is. It looks like an old SVT, its a tube amp but I didnt get a chance to look inside to see what kind they are.
dude..... thats the midi out

the 1/4 jack will not damage the amp at all, you are supposed to plug the speakers in there...
no, it SAYS "speaker" over the cable

i plugged into "ext speaker" this thing is way too old to have midi
screw it, i will just get some pictures up as soon as i can.
ext speaker is the same thing as any other jack man, you plug it into a cab that matches the amp's output. simple. you are overthinking this