I'm about to buy an Ibanez GRG250DX...

And as it's a not very high price guitar I think i'ts pickups will be no big stuff...

So I've got a friend that bought a Lag guitar, and replaced it's H-S-H EMG-HZ H4 and S4 pickups (I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about ) with some Dimarzio (he needed a metal guitar)...

I need a balanced guitar, so I'm thinking about replacing my new guitar pickups with he's EMGs...

Is it a good deal? Please help...
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if you have a valve amp then it's worth a look but if you don't do not bother

dude shut up emgs aren't for valve amps only
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That guitar is NOT worth the money, mate. The bridge is a POS, not to mention the pickups.
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they're the shitty passive EMG's. they're not the active humbuckers that you're thinking of.

in comparison to other passives they're mediocre at best, and you'll understand why they're standard on mass-produced guitars.

well.... the guitar costed me 319 euros..... My friend sells the 3 pickups for 100..... what do you think..... does it worth the change?