I asked on the pickup thread but only got one answer and was recommend to make a thread. here it is

I want to replace the stock pickups in my Jackson V (with seymours)
I have a Peavey VK100
play mostly metal but I love playing jazz and fusion as well. I want something versatile that brings out good playing with moderately high output (without sacrificing too much versatility)
I want something like:
Ensiferum, Dissection, Eluveitie, Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Sacramentum, Children of Bodom, Wintersun, Behemoth, Moonsorrow, Bathrory(viking era), ect. (I listed these because my band souds like a hybrid of bands like these however I'm not saying that I want to copy any of these bands' tones/sound)

but that is just my band I love to play all kinds of metal.

also I've heard that the wood of the guitar can affect the way the pickups sound in the guitar, however before anyone asks I don't know what type of wood it is. I bought it from my uncle who had it custom made in like '87-'89. But he probably doesn't know either. Although I do know it is a heavier wood because it took me a while to get used to its weight.

At first I wanted to put a SH-1 '59 in the neck with Sh-10 Full Shred in the bridge then I thought about putting a Sh-2 jazz instead of '59. Then I also thought about putting the SH-10 in the neck and something with higher output.
any suggestions, comments, ect.?
emg 81/85 or 81/60 (depending on how much you want cleans), and 18v mod them

just done this on my 81/85 and the 85 makes an awesome clean on my vk100 head now, and distortion is just as good as ever. Still waiting on getting my bad monkey to boost it though then it should be about perfect
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Bad Monkey OD
any other suggestions?

I've heard that EMGs can get muddy easily and that Blackouts aren't much different from EMGs

I'm just trying to make sure I get the best for what I want.


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I own a jackson as well and I went for that set.. i play something pretty similar to you

I wouldn't go for actives.

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Dimarzio D-Sonic / Air Norton
I own a jackson as well and I went for that set.. i play something pretty similar to you

I looked these up on the site and I like the way they sound what type of music do you play?
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