so the guitar player in the highschool jazz band is a lazy ass mutha*ucka, and doesnt wanna cart his 90 watt s***goose custom back and forth to school.
so he calls me up and proposes we just "share" amps with a splitter he's got.

anyways, im pretty skeptical to do so. not only would it be totally lame, but i do alotta different stuff tonally with my amp depending on what kinda stuff were playin.

im usin a 115 with like, 500watts maybe?
how loud does he have to be to satisfy the demands of a highschool jazz band?
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just tell him to bring his own amp. if he wants to play music he has to deal with carrying shit around.
**** him, refuse. It will sound less then good since its a bass amp as well.... Though my acoustic sounds pretty badass on the bass amp distortion setting
are you guys playing at the same time? if you are then **** with his volume, turn him waaaaay down so you over power him
Tell him to stop being so lazy and bring his own amp. What's with lazy guitarists? The lead guitarist in my band never brings his own equipment. He uses the singers guitar and my guitar amp, and he gets mad if he ever has to bring his guitar or amp to practice.
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that's an awful idea. tell him to grow a pair.
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Guitar through a bass amp sounds awesome... but tell him to get stuffed
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Wow.. 500w?
Thats A LOT for high school jazz. My school has a 80w Peavey combo and it's more than enough for bass guitar.
Why not share? More than enough power to share.
Just make sure your louder. Your amp, your rule.
Tell him he might as well play amplified. Too many musicians are lazy anyway.
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tell him no. you could tell him that you heard it could harm your speaker, but really, it just won't sound good. when two instruments share an amp, alot of sound gets canceled out when the two play at the same time. it's a frequency thing.