I am thinking about getting a Bogner Alchemist (or thinking about some day getting one EXPENSIVO!)

I was wondering what the difference is between the Head (40w) + 212s and the 1x12 combo (40w). Other than the amounts of speakers that is. Also, what do you guys think of Bongers in general and the Alchemist in particular?

Thanks in advance.
Bogners are great amps, I don't like putting the Alchemist in the same class as the rest of Bogners amps. It's an ok amp, just doesn't fit me.
I dont' know for sure but I'll say in general it's a mater of portability and the use of different speakers in different cabinets.
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I'd get the head.....I had the 112 combo and the it had the rattles. The amp sounded really good and when I ran a 112 extention cab and it sounded great.
Side note.....If you do get it change out V5 it's the phase inverter it has a mid gain EHX 12ax7b I put in a Tung-sol and it helped with the mushy bottom end.
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