I have a Pod X3 live and I would like to buy a 7 string, but I thought that I read somewhere that 7 strings do not sound as good through the Pod. Does anyone have this combo? I play metal mainly.
the pod probably wont care that much im sure lol.
seriously, it should be alright
what kind of seven string?
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I was considering the Ibanez s7320. I would probably switch out the pickups at some point also
I've heard Pods and 7's being used numerous times, as long as you work out how to EQ it well then you should be fine, it should be just the same as with any other amp.
It should work fine, just make sure you have the EQing set right and the input gain adjusted. Modelling doesn't take kindly to high input levels (like EMGs) so make sure your input level is adjusted accordingly.
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