Im looking for a better od pedal to boost my amp and give it a little more gain and punch. im using a boss bd-2 unmodded right now and i dont know what i should really get. not trying to get into metal or anything like that more of a high gain classic rock sound. budget is around $100 but im looking to save by going used
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I use an Analogman TS-9 with the 808 mod. New it's around $160, but you can find them used for considerably less. The tone is amazingly warm and buttery, and it's capable of quite a bit of drive. I highly recommend it.
safe bet the od won't go metal on ya. the ocd seems to be a fan favorite, the fulldrive 2 is very transparent and responsive. i own an addrock not so ol yeller and i love it. you could mod that boss blues driver, people have been very happy with such things. i plugged 'boss bd-2 mod' into google and got a number of good hits, usually mod for about 50 usd + shipping. there is also tons of other boutique makers of od pedals that i don't know of, cuz i found my addrock. come on ug, spill yer guts...

then again i bet you can find some good results by... searching ug, this question has been answered a whole bunch
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