Poll: Which pickup do you think is best?
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View poll results: Which pickup do you think is best?
EMG 81/60 combo
5 15%
EMG in general
7 21%
Gibson 59' Les Paul pickups
9 27%
Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates
0 0%
6 18%
Ibanez JEM Standard
0 0%
Seymour Duncan Humbucker and Single coil
6 18%
ESP Standard
0 0%
Voters: 33.
hey UG

posting a poll here, of the most common pickups, for a school project!
how awesome is that? i am so worried that i have to test out a bnch of expensive guitars! oh no!

anyways if u can reply to the poll it would be great

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EDIT: oooohhh. GUITAR pickups. sry guys
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Where the hell is EMG 81/89 on that poll?

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Cool poll, bro.



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Those pickups you have listed in your poll are surely the only pickups to exist in the whole, wide world.

Except for the ones that come from China.

EDIT: And to try to keep things on topic, it's the Gibson 496R and 500T set.

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