I don't know if anyone's noticed but politics sort of seem backwards in America (I could be wrong but let me know your thoughts anyway). Many republicans seems to come from a christian background and many democrats seem to come from an atheistic background. Since many atheists tend to be evolutionists, I find it strange that the tooting of the Natural selection horn is often muted when topics such as universal health care come about, or gay rights (meaning that only the strong survive and breed stronger/better offspring).

Now for the christians/republicans, when it comes to things such as universal healthcare or gay rights (I forget the exact verse, but it goes along the lines of "Everything is permissable, but not everything is beneficial," is in the bible. In not so many words it's saying that "People have freewill to do whatever they want, let ME be the judge in the end"), christians are against it; very darwinistic. Jesus' message was to love your neighbor and everyone, yet you see that one church waving "God hates ***s" sings around.

Does anyone else find this wacky?