Does any one know where I can find clamps for repairing necks. Both the clamps I had don't work anymore one is so worn/stripped it won't tighten and the other can't cradle the neck right with out crushing the wood. I doubt I can ever find exact replacements for the ones I have they were made by a luthier who gave them to me when he retired. If there isn't anything available I just might have to make my own. I did a Google search but all I can seem to find are the usual wood working clamps.

how about pics of the clamps you have now that don't work anymore. Have you tried woodcraft, rockler or lee valley online or even amazon???
No pics right now I gave them to a friend who owns a machine shop to see if he could fix them. They are basically a modified C Clamps, They have a U shaped flange on one side that is lined with cork so it cradles the neck. I use a notched piece of oak over the fret board so that doesn't get damaged. They were definitely home made/modified and worked great. They are over 60 years old and have just worn out. I guess if there are none available I'll have to try and modify a set for myself. I am a regular at Woodcraft and Rockler stores. I did a few searches but really didn't find anything that looks like it would work.