i bought some used EMG pickups but they shipped with out the Quick connect cables.

so i need to buy some but i cannot find a Retailer that accepts checks since i cannot use my credit card.
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crap....I thought I had a bunch of them in my basement but I just remembered I cut them up and used them for wires to do an amp mod....I woulda gave them to you...sorry

Oh why don't you just call emg they may send you some...most companies are all about pleasing their customers...back when I used to use emgs exclusivley there used to be this dude named paul gnat that used to hook me up with free crap all the time like pots and quick connects...he even had my original 81/85 set that had regular wires as hook ups rewired cause the wires were too short...he even stayed on the phone with a buddy and guided him through the installation process...very very cool people
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
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Cash your own checks! DO IT!!!

+1 and then purchase from any guitar store that deals with EMG pickups.