Ok, I just bought a Dimarzio D-Sonic for my 7 string, and I cant wait to get it in.

Only I have a few problems.

A) I have no idea how to put a pickup in a guitar, and I need help.
B) I need to get my guitar either setup, or do it myself.
C) I have no money.

So, I need to be able to do all of this, on a budget of less than 10 dollars. I have access to a soldering iron, and someone who knows how to use one quite well, but I dont know how to adjust a truss rod. That happens to be my main concern; because I can fix the intonation and action myself once that is done.

Sooo, can I get some help?

My things:
Bowes SLx7
Washburn WG587
Washburn X40Pro
Washburn X50
Washburn HM24
Washburn WR150
Laguna LE200s
Arietta Acoustic
First Act
Valveking 112
VHT Deliverance

You can find everything that you're looking for on Google. There are lots of good articles out there by professional guitar techs.

My advice is to read a few sources so that you fully understand it before diving in... That's what I did the first time.

Oh and... it's not very hard once you know what you're doing.
yeah, make sure you know what your doing. i installed some emg's on my bass. being colorblind makes wiring a little difficult. so now the sound comes and goes and somehow my volume knob got reversed. louder is now quieter