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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM


In fact, most of the major religions will now agree that you're saved even if you follow a different religion, as long as you still follow the basic laws most share.

At least, some of the more tolerant ones will.
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Yup, It's like killing each other because I multiple by 2 and 2 to get 4 while you divide 8 by 2 to get 4.

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You are god, floppypick


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Cool story, bro.
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Last week a thought dawned on me regarding religion. And that is, "A higher being is more of what man wants to be true than is believed."
Seeing how just about every civilization in time has looked up to a higher being.
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
Religion thread, brah.

No shit, Sherlock
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Fuck you I'm trying to be caring and shit

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Okay guys, I have a confession to make. Not really a confession since it's something that's been bugging me for awhile but I've always been in denial about it.

**** you gilly, it's not what you think
all religion is flawed. they all claim they are right but neither can prove that they are more than the other. i see no reason to take any more serious than the other. when people ask why i dont believe in god, i usually say the same reasons i dont believe in zeus.

religion probably started when people wanted to know things. how things worked, where the sun goes at night, where wind comes from. kids probably asked these questions. it probably started out just as some sort of bedtime stories. later it might have goten mixed in with some factual events like past battles. eventually for what ever reason people started to forget where the stories and fables started and ended. people moved around from town to town, country to country and the stories changed with time through the generations. eventually, certain people die off and others prevail. the ones who stick around keep their stories. eventually it keeps growing and growing and then you come to today.

so yea, you are right. its all basically the same thing just with different names. somewhere someone changed it from having a god for everything to having a god who is everything but its still essentially the same.
Well i think a higher being is required because we are imperfect, we need a leader, and what leader is better than a faceless idea. Even if god doesnt exist he still inspire hope into most.