So i'm curious about which type of string is best. I mean brand and type. I play alot of metal so i would prefer a string that picks up finger slap well.
I'm a Rotosound fan, I've heard good things about Elixir but never tried them myself.
Elixirs get my vote, though I'm yet to try Rotos

EDIT: lol exact opposite of post above
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I'm a Rotosound fan, I've heard good things about Elixir but never tried them myself.

I've never tried Elixir Bass Strings but I used to have them on my guitar a few years ago. Was never a fan of them cuz that weird coating crap on it would peel off way to fast then the strings would just feel like poo.
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I rather like Rotos- my Warwick came with some Carvins however-

I liked them. steel, not as grippy as rotos, but not slick like nickel strings. good sound.
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My recommendation is DR high beams. i use them for everything from classic rock to metal. love them.
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DR Marcus Miller sigs...Basically the High Beam series with more of a bite.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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Wouldnt the action of the bass be completely responsible for the clacking?

I think steel strings get more attraction from the pickups so that would likely give you more imput than nickel which could help, but thats what ive heard.

Anyway, what kind of metal did you have in mind? Got any known dislikes/likes for your strings? Heavy gauges definitely help with the thick sound and possible down tuning so keep that in mind.

As for myself, Ive loved DR High Beams on one of my basses, as far as ive read they last a good long long time and settled into a nice place, definitely glad i let myself pay that much for some strings ... guitar player friends loled.

A five string set of Ernie Ball super slinkys were also pretty good while i had them, had to get used to the texture for a couple of days.
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D'Addario Pro Steels are pretty decent - they're really bright but mine didn't have a fantastic bright lifespan. Nevertheless, Dave Ellefson used them in Megadeth and I may have got a dud pack.

Otherwise I'd suggest Rotosounds, they are great for metal.
When I first put them on, my set of Elite's player series strings were easily the brightest nickel strings I'd used. Shame they went dead pretty quickly, but they still sound great with a pick rather than fingerstyle. Cheap as hell in the UK too.
I use Rotos but I'm looking to try more brands.
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