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Orange PPC 2x12
5 42%
Mesa Roadster/Recto 2x12
7 58%
Voters: 12.
My cab decision used to be Marshall vs Recto/Roadster, but I think I like the V30s better. Anywho, I've found an Orange PPC for just a little more than Mesa's cabs, which would you guys prefer and why? It'll be run through a Peavey 6505+ and I haven't had a chance to try them out yet (and they're from different places so I can't truly A/B them).

It'll mostly be used for various metal, but I also like blues and cleans. I also tend to lean towards the tight/biting sound over loose/oomphy sounds (hence me buying the 6505+ rather than the 6505). I guess I could say that I prefer a more "vintage-ey" sound.
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I prefer the 2x12 recto because of the extra low end it gives while still being "tight". For a 4x12 i'll prob go either stiletto 4x12 or the orange though
id go for the orange. those cabs are so amazingly solid and they sound incredible.
i have only played through the orange 212, which sounded ****ing amazing. price tag is crazy though haha
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Mesa Roadster/Recto 2x12 FTW
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Orange man. Fantastic cabs.
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