I just got back a little while ago from checking out a guitar my friend is buying. It is a black Fender Tele with 3 humbuckers with Fender logo on them, black headstock with Fender Telecaster in white, mirrored pickguard, rosewood fingerboard, white bound body top and bottom, Strat type trem, 1 vol, 1 tone and a 3 pos toggle switch like a Les Paul. I did several searches and can't find one mention of these anywhere but I don't know model it is. I kind of wonder if it's a counterfeit or not. The guy is asking $550.00 for it. I wrote the serial number down but can't find it now all I remember was it started with MSZ and had 7 numbers after.


its a mexican J5 tripple tele. if you would have given me the first digit after the MSZ I could tell you what year it is. like MSZ7 is mexican 2007 or 2008. half years have old numbers get it?
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This one?

$380 for the Jap model.
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Thanks, it might have been a 7 as the first number. The guy said he got it this year at GC and paid over $1000.00 for it. Great I did a search for J5 Triple and got a boat load of info.

I don't like Teles but it looks like a good deal I am calling my friend now and tell him to go for it.


Edit: That's it but I think the pickgaurd on the one we looked at was smoked. I could be wrong though. The lighting sucked at the guys studio.
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Where did you see them for $380.00? I can only find them priced at 1100 to 1200 bucks.
I have my friend on the phone and he wants to know.

Sunn O))):
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Thanks Guys! Well, he got it for $475.00 after negotiating half the night. I still don't like it but it is the best looking and sounding Tele I have seen and heard yet. The biggest improvement is it doesn't have that lame looking head stock.

A little off topic who the heck is John 5? Never heard of him until I did a little research on the guitar but I am still not sure why nthey would make a sig guitar of him.

I wouldn't call him a big time shredder, but he's definitely better than most people know. He used to play with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie I think but his solo stuff is really good. Kinda Buckethead-ish.
Thanks, I have been listening to his stuff today and I think he's pretty good. I am amazed I never heard of him before.

I love John 5. Check out the Songs For Sanity album, it's my favorite. Damaged and Gein With Envy are great songs.
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