Hello all, this is my first post!

So I found this guitar I'm looking at buying. The seller says it's a Gibson SG Custom. At this point I have no reason to believe otherwise, but I'm unsure of what to think about the fret inlays. Most Gibson SG Standards and Customs have rectangular inlays, while this one only has dots. I interpret the dots as a something a cheaper guitar would have, which would be unusual for a custom. But, being a custom, someone could request the dot inlays...

Another thing, what does the term "weather checks" mean? Here's it used in context in an email, "Everything stock except tuning keys. Lock ones Nice but not original. Off white original finish. Weather checks is all." As little as I understand it, does it mean the 'look' of the finish aging?

Next, what general price range would this guitar be valued at? Sorry if you guys get that too much, but it's harder for me to put my finger on a price with this custom, and google hasn't been super helpful. I'm going to call around tomorrow, but I'd like to hear from anyone who has an opinion. For this purpose, we'll say:

1995 Gibson SG Custom. Everything stock, minus the tuning keys, which have been changed to locking. Includes original HSC. In good to excellent condition, no buckle rash, (hopefully!) no major scratches, chips, or dings. 50's baseball bat neck profile.

And don't worry, I'm not going to buy this without getting the SN and having a chat with Gibson .

Finally, any comments about the guitar are welcomed. I've never owned an SG before, my current baby being a '95 LP classic. I'm going to look at the guitar Thursday or Friday, and I'm already very excited.


(ps I kind of cropped the pic poorly)
sg 4 (12).jpg
Looks like an SG special with custom parts, hence SG special "custom"?
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Looks a Gibson Special to me.
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