I have a washburn x33 and it hums a lot. What would probably be the problem with the guitar? I've played many places and on different amps and it still just hums like crazy.. But I still love the sound on it.
Try touching some of the metal on it and see if the hum stops.
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There's nothing wrong with it. If it is really bad, you could try shielding it to reduce the hum, but you'll never be able to stop it, unless you get some of lace sensors or other hum reducing pickups.
Ive had good luck with a good shielding job and star grounding. My single coil guitars dont really hum more than my humbucker guitars after this treatment.
If the hum stops when you touch the metal on the guitar, it's a grounding problem.

If not, then you've just got crappy pickups. Single coils do hum, but they shouldn't hum that much.
try rewiring it if that fails get some new pickups
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what everyone above said. Shielding the cavities will work too. Try simple tin foil in the cavities. My washburn hummed a lot till i shielded it. It was fine after that