powering analog and digital pedals from the same power source?i wanna daisy chain my wah, distortion pedal and noise gate...
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If i'm not mistaken, it shouldn't matter if your pedals are digital or analog, and being powered by the same source..... Analog and digital simply refer to the signal they produce, and has no bearing on how it is powered. digital or analog, electricity is electricity, equally the same to them both.
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I've heard about this but not sure the reason on it. Search around or hopefully someone drops in with the reason. My guess being I know electronics and the like is that it will have something to do with the circuitry and the way the pedals are made/wired different resistors and transistors and the like could make the power draw inconsisitent or something of that nature. again not sure the reason on this.
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it really doesn't matter at all... all you need to know is that the amperage draw of the pedals you want to daisy chain doesn't add up to more than max output of whatever board you use. generally speaking, a digital pedal will probably use more amps. you should find something rating in mA (milliamps) on the back of your pedals. so, as long as your not trying to use more than your board can put out, then your set. People that say not too probably had a pedal that drew too much current, and the rig didn't work, so they assumed it couldn't be done. well, do some simple math, and it can be done.

the reason this is so, is because a 'daisy chain" is simply a series circuit... in series, you start out with a base amperage which is each component's draw is subtracted from.
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Should make absolutely no difference at all. All the power supply does is sends power to the pedal, it doesn't discern between analog or digital. Besides, all your pedals are analog.