Hey man, I kinda dig this. Seeing as it's your first song, it's not bad at all! It sure has potential and when you actually record this song, you could add more layers of guitar, maybe add a tasty lick in some places (though I like the simplicity it has now ). I'm sure your songs will grow more complex as you advance as a songwriter. Keep it up!

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Not bad at all and even though it's simplicity makes it enjoyable it does seem to get a little boring after a while. Try adding some variations here and there or maybe some licks between sections.

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that was nice man. very chilled out to. you have to be a toker lol. but the song almost gave me chills. very haunting. i think it needs a change/churus raise somewere, or just a change of some kind. although for that style it works, and would sound allot fuller with a backing band. good coffee shop music. i liked it. good job.

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