hey looking to buy a drum machine and want a really cheap one as its only for room playin practice and perhaps a little recording what do you guys reckon is good?
From what i read the Roland make some pretty nice stuff but I'm after something relatively cheap and by that i mean under 300 Australian waddya reckon???
I've used Hydrogen (freeware drum software) to make drum tracks for my songs. It's pretty good entry level stuff, and is great for cheap & easy personal recording/practice.

You can also use a "Rock Band" drum set to play as a simple electronic drum kit. I saw this tonite, and I'm gonna try it as soon as I can get the drum kit away from the xbox and my kids. www.andrewrudson.com has an emulator I'm gonna download.

Besides those ideas, I'm emptied.
Roland TR-808... just kidding
There are some pretty good VST ones... if you want a real one then it gets more complicated
If you can get your hands on a MFB product, which is a small german company, then go with that, the drumcomputer looks small and weak but it's a big analog sound.
Roland have a great variety of drum machines, with a large range in quality.
The Alesis SR16 is a classic and is going for pretty cheap on ebay, it's not the best but it does the job, that's why it's so popular.
You can look into used Korg ER-1 if you want to learn a bit about analog (it's actually virtual analog). It has the advantage of having a built-in 16 step sequencer, which you can also use to control other drum machines via MIDI

Have fun!
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alesis sr16- I got mine for 50 USD used, and honestly, when I put it next to some professional big label recordings, I couldn't tell you the difference. Just make sure to get a manual, because it's not incredibly intuitive.
alright thanks for the input ill look at the roland and alesis
bit of a fan of alesis already so might go with that.