My band got some videos of our last little show. It was kind of a lame show.. haha. But the videos looked good, though the sound quality was awful because the guy apparently had his thumb over the microphone of the camera. Comments would be great though. We are a alternative rock band with a real mellow vibe. Thanks in advance guys.


The Poison
Is that a Line 6 running into a Behringer!?

Kidding... that was quite pleasurable. Crickets reminded me of Silverchair and would've been nice if it had an all-out-going thing when you started reaching the 3:00 mark. The guitar solo was very nice. The Poison was just ok though... didn't quite go anywhere and didn't seem to resolve anywhere. I think you guys would sound better, at least to me, if you introduced some grunge influences in your music.

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that was great man. i liked crickets. nice singing, and the lyrics sounded cool. i love the chorus when you guys get into it. cetchy tune. around 3 when you sing crazy, i love it good stuff. great guitar playing. you guys look a little stiff though. maybe drink some red bulls before the show lol. good job guys.

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