Hey fellow UGers

Ive been playing a crappy old Samick beginners guitar for 3 years now. I have developed all skills necessary to be playing live in my band, e.g. Sweeping, String Skipping etc. My question is, I currently have the money for the guitar ive been looking at for quite some time. The guitar is a B.C. Rich Assasin fx6. I'm wondering as im not a guitar tech man, just a player, is this a good guitar for $970 Australian reduced from 1300? I have played it and it felt nice, just wondering what its reputation is, anyone else have one? Give me your oppinions


also here is link: http://www.bcrich.com/assassin_fx6.html
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I think B.C Riches middle - high end guitars are fairly decent, and it looks pretty good
If you like it, go with it.

And I love the way the coil split/phase/ series/parrallel switches are set out.
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yeah me too
its a nice guitar, too bad everything is so expensive in Australia...

yeah... the prices drive me nuts!
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