Can anybody help with the intro piece John plays when he arrives on stage (Where The Light Is concert LA). I've got Neon down just fine, but I'm interested in that riff that he repeats in the beginning before he actually starts the song.

Thusfar I find the "bass" part of the sequence to be something like 0h7p0 10 12 on the C string (lowered E). The "melody" part is what I'm struggling with. Can anybody with a good ear and ability to tab help me out? I'd appreciate it.
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I've been looking for those tabs for a while, and it looks like no one is going to post them. There's some video "lessons" on youtube that are king of good for an intro.


That's one of them that I'll be using together with


Both of them have their pros and cons, but I think you can put something together. You can also look at other videos.

Most of them say "Do not ask me for tabs, use your eyes and ears" and for someone like me, "lower class" musician, a combination of learning by ear and tabs will suffice. So even though I haven't made a tab before, I will try to use those videos and come up with something.