So, basically I'm in a pop/rock/punk band with 2 friends, we're like sponsored by the church, practice in the church's cellar, have a gig every 3 months, can play or own songs and pay nothing for it.
But since I dont want to play poprock all the time, I recently started a heavy metal project and found a drummer and a guitarrist/singer.

The Problem is, I only have 1 amp and no car.
The metal drummer is in a punk band and they rented a little practice room for 80 euro/month
The band exists for 3 years now and I dont think the drummer will leave this band, although he wants to play metal and not punk.

So, there are a few Solutions:
1 Buy another amp.
2 get the my 2 bands in a new room together.
3 Leave the rock band, which will most likely be the abi-band at school when I finish my abitur.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
get a head and 2 cabs, leave one cab with one band and one with the other and all you have to do is put the head in a bag