I have a chance to buy this used, mexican Fender J-bass for 150$


The new price for a mex deluxe J-bass over here is around a grand, so it seems like a great deal, since it's in good condition with barely any scratches.

Excuse my ignorance on this topic:
Now, I already own an Ibanez SRX595, so I only want to get it if the Mexi-basses are any good and can compliment my SRX's MM-pups and heavy sound - Where do Mexicans stand compared to American and Japanese j-basses?
Granted, I love the sound of J-pups and Ive always wanted a J-bass (even though, it being a 4-string is a downside - Im a full blown 5/6-player), so now is my chance.

I guess that Ill be able to resell it in any case.

I have one, it's great and that's a great price that I would definitely get.
I would buy it for that price.

Ever since they jumped to $600ish new, I would say not worth the price, but for $150 its a steal.
^Also note that instruments in EU are generally 1.5 times the american prices

So yeah, I think Ill go for it!
For that price you can't say no!

On the question of how good the Mex Fenders are I don't think there's really a definitive answer.
Due to the fact that Mexico has less strict quality control some stuff can be really good quality and at the same time some of it can be really bad. I think it's fairly hit or miss.

If you have the choice I'd say you should play it before you buy it and see how it sounds and feels to you.
However if you can't do that I'd still say you should buy it at that price, it's a great deal! Even if it turns out you don't like it you could probably sell it on and make a profit.
i agree with them!For 150$ and if the condiction are mint and everything functions well, it's a real offer!!
As Pwgjam said, there are some fender instruments made in mexico that are really good, but from my friend's store i have tried lot of fender mexican standard stratocaster and they sound really crappy to me, sometimes as squiers that costs 200 $ less!
The advice to try everything before buying it's correct, especially if you buy from a private person!
I cant really see the bass, the picture is too small. Maybe make it bigger.
Quote by RHCPFitz
I cant really see the bass, the picture is too small. Maybe make it bigger.

get a better computer :P

do it. no regrets. great instrument.
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Get it! You won't regret it!
I also have a MIM Fender (Active) Deluxe Jazz and an Ibanez SRX-590. Combining the 2, you'll get a great variety of tones to choose from. I use my Fender for a more clean sound and the Ibanez for the heavy stuff.