So... I am looking at starting to play a little bass after having recently required an Ernie Ball Music Man from a friend. No amp yet though...

I saw a listing on craigslist where I live (Calgary) for a Fender Bassman Pro 400 210. He is asking $300 for it. He is even willing to let me test drive it before I buy it, so I will be able to hear if anything is cracked or rattling.

What I am asking is, is this a good amp for the price? I may begin to use it for small gigs, if it sounds decent as I have a friend who is currently looking for a bass player, and I may be able to fill that void for him atm.

Well thanks bassists, hopefully once I start playing the instrument more I can begin to spend more time in this forum learning your secret secret ways.
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Those amps are a grand new. If it's in good shape then go for it.