So, I'm talking to this guy telling me that all guitars with stratocasterish/stratocaster-looking bodies should be called stratocasters, like Ibanez Stratocaster, all basses that roughly looks like thunderbirds are Thunderbirds.

Is he right? (I hope not.)

Edit: Well, I know he's wrong, but I want your opinion.
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Obviously he is wrong, maybe strat-like bodies at most.
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Theyre already called called strat-like bodies

EG the esp horizons are very similar, and are called strat-style bodies.

Ibanez tend to have more points on them, and are called super-strat bodies
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no, it is that way with every guitar and its lesser counter parts. look at the SG, the epiphone sg is not called SG, it is some model number.
I prefer to call them double-cutaway guitars, as that is usually the proper term for a Strat-like body.
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