#1 was inspired by Paul Gilbert's PGM200
#2 was inspired by the RG770DX
#3 was inspired by Richie Sambora's Jersey Star

Here's my actual RG
No... i dont like flamboyant guitars, big dot inlay or reversed ibanez headstocks

i do like your real ibanez however. next 6 string i get is gonna be a RG770DX-LB

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
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i'd buy the purple one. i HATE reverse headstocks, but the inlays are cool.

i like the white one, but hate gold hardware.
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I'd like the first one to have different colour pickups. H H or HSH. Maybe without a pickguard? idk wouldnt really mind.

I'd like the second one without the shark inlays (possibly hollowed out ones)

I'd like the third one with chrome hardware.

And finally i'd like yours as soon as possible thank you
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The 3rd one would be great if it were black, dual humbuckers, black sharktooth inlays, rosewood fretboard, gold freatboard binding, all gold hardware, Floyde, and a tone knob and black PU's.
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lol, I have the same 2550z as you. In fact, its gettin a super dist, air norton, and paf pro put in this weekend.....in white too.
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I'd buy YOURS, but not the mock ups.
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These are the guitars they're based on

oooh, I like this.
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So fuck you anyway!

except hh or hsh, not hhh
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I basically did.

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