So I was thinking about taking PIANO CLASS I, THEORY I, and APPLIED GUITAR over the summer at my college. Oh, also might note that I'm new to Piano like only a month but I have been playing guitar for around 3 years. I'm not looking to get godly on the piano or guitar after taking these I know it takes time and work, but I would like to improve a lot over the next year. I can even take extra lessons out side of class from this older guy hes been playing guitar for 44 years(not sure how much he charges yet.)


So wouldn't Piano I be better to go into then Applied Piano?
Have any of you guys taken these at your college?
If so did they help?

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Piano I class is a good way to be slowly introduced to an instrument with a lot of structure. You most likely won't be playing the sort of things you want, but it's a great way to start. I'd suggest that over the Applied Guitar class since learning another instrument always gives you new ways to look at the others you already know, and if you've only been playing three years, then I'm sure there's still plenty of new things for you.

Theory I is always a super basic course. If you understand notes, scales, modes, bass and treble clefs, key signatures, time signatures, and simple intervals... you'll have very little to worry about. Theory II or III is where you'll get into more complex and interesting things. If you plan to continue into the higher level courses then it's probably a prerequisite so you're stuck anyways, but if you're only looking to learn... musictheory.net will teach you all the same things and not muck up your schedule. Or cost money.
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