Hello everyone.
I'm new at UG forums, and its because I would like to ask something.

I heard the old Kramer guitars were good, but the new ones made from Gibson are quite bad. But is that Kramer model called 'Vanguard' good? Lot of people disagree about that.
I would like to buy something similar to that model I was thinking about Jackson RR30, but they don't have tremolo bars, are they really important?
The other guitars that I'm looking are Dean, and I'm thinking about Dimebag Blackbolt, what's your oppinion?

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Dime from Hell > Blackbolt
You stole my heart!
You ran away!
Now I'm heartless!
So fuck you anyway!
Yeah I would, but I think that I don't have that money, I would buy it if some US shops sold things to EU (If you mean the Floyd rose one)
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The RR30 is the cheapest series as far as i know, but pulls me back because of the bridge, I would like to have RR3 but Idk if I can have that money, that would mean some months saving, and I really would like to try.
I'll check in how much time I could afford it, because now I have a SG copy from 'Kohler'