HI guys

so I have this boss gt3 pedal which I really like and it has worked great for me so far but now I decided on buying a Vox vt50, so my question is will the pedal become useless?
Because I heard some people say that you can't combine modelling amps with multi effects pedals.

so help me out please
Usually it is pretty bad with a modelling amp, but I've never played a Vox vt, so I'm not sure.

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Running most modelers + effects don't sound so great...

Try it out if you can and see how you like it with and without the multi-effects; for all you know, you may not even need the multi-effects anymore
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A VT will take pedals well, but not a modelling pedal like your gt3.
Basically you would be modelling an amp on the Boss (lets just say it a JCM800) and it would model the sounds of the cab and mic placement too. Running it into the VT will be like running that mic'd up JCM into, depending on which clean model you'd slected, a Fender Bassman or something.

So your modelling pedal will not go well with that amp.
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Most multi effect modelling pedals have a setting that allows you to turn off the modelling. Basically just putting the signal straight through, then adding in your effects like Delay and chorus or whatever.

If you do that, it should work fine.

Turn off the modelling in the GT3

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