So what's your Favourite Piano/Keyboard/Synth Part of a Song

Piano - The beginning of Muses New Born

Keyboard - The Keyboard solos in Durn(Deep Purple)

Synth - Daft Punk Digital Love synth solo

You don't have to give all three options, you can only give one if you want
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Any keyboard solo from children of bodom or dragonforce
Guitar - Music Man John Petrucci X

Amp - Ronald cube 60, willing be getting a Mark V soon
Piano: Ragtime bit in the Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater
Keyboard: Solo in Lake Bodom - Children of Bodom
Synth: Any catchy dance song.
The Organ solo in "Flight of the rat" by Deep Purple.
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The Piano from Space Dementia and the HAARP solo from Butterflies and Hurricanes are teh win.

Uh...Excuse my ignorance, but wherein lies the distinction between a Synth and a Keyboard? What if it's a synth controlled by a keyboard?

Or did you mean stuff like organs and mellotrons?
Piano - Don't stop believing - Journey
Keyboard -
Synth - Jump
all of Prelude for Time Feelers by Eluvium

Listen to it now. I triple dog dare you to not cry.
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piano - nemo - nightwish, pharaoh sails to orion - nightwish
keyboard - crownless - nightwish
synth - knighs of cydonia - muse
piano part: Warmness on the Soul-A7X

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Keyboard - MGMT - Metanoia, the keyboard in the outro, which is about 4/5's of the way through the song. It's simple, yet amazing, and coming right after one of the calmer parts of the song, the energy of it really brings a nice epic close to the song. The whole song is really good, too. 13 minutes of psych-prog goodness.

Piano - The Beatles - Let It Be, the whole song, once again, simple, yet effective.

Synth - Muse - Take a Bow, not much to say, it's just some really good synth arpeggios.
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The piano break in Blind Faith by Dream Theater. No contest.
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Intro to Terminus by Dark Tranquillity.
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The piano part at the end of muse's citizen erased, especially on the live version from hullabaloo and the chopin outro from united states of eurasia. also beethovens moonlight symphony, sail to the moon and like spinning plates.

/just listing awesome piano based songs

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Piano parts and the xylophone-type 3 notes in verse two in 37mm by AFI really make the song, very atmospheric.
Keyboards in Rush's Emotion Detector are absolutely beautiful, really haunting.
Synth solos in Subdivisions (also Rush) sound fantastic, though Dream Theater's Pull Me Under has great synth riffs and a solo.

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anyone know Sacred Hour, by Magnum? that beginning- just WOW love it
murder murder yes indeed, K-I-L-L-I-N-G!

lol it's SO catchy!
Piano - Do You Love Me by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Keyboard - Assuming instrumental pieces count, Bach's "Little" fugue in G minor played on an organ, otherwise the melotron bit after the verse in Windowpane, by Opeth.
Synth - Every time Devin Townsend uses a sort of twinkly psychadelic synthy thing that makes everything even more awesome than it already was.
The tone Johnny Foreigner use on their Casio is the audification (new word!) of awesomeness...

No particular song, it just sounds quality whenever its used.
Best piano would be the start of Apocalypse Please by Muse.

Favourite synth/keyboard part ever is Jump by Van Halen.
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Piano; Space-dye Vest - Dream Theater (no part in particular)
Keyboard; Lotus Eater - Opeth
Synth; Octavarium intro - Dream Theater
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A lot of Motion City Soundtrack. I really like the piano at the beginning of My Favourite Accident and then it turns to synth.
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Keyboard solo in Burden by Opeth!
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Hold the Line - Toto

As soon as I hear that opening piano, all bow down before my karaoke skillzzzz.
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almost anything that involves the use of a mellotron.

the beatles - strawberry fields forever
marilyn manson - cryptorchid
slayer - seasons in the abyss
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Synth - Such great heights - the postal service
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