I want Black Guitar strings, but I don't want to cut out on the feel or make any compromises to quality.

Something like Curt Mangan strings, those are just amazing to play on, I'd just like them in black, haha.

Any suggestions for similar strings in the color I desire are welcome.
can't you like just get a really good quality spray can and do them that way?
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For bass, there are tapewounds.
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spray wont work

1 - it will come off as you play and make a mess of your guitar
2 - depending on the spray it might make your strings set - so you'll be cracking things when you bend.

there have been threads about coloured strings - some of them said there were coloured string companies - so yeah - you can get them, but sorry i dont know where. dont spray your strings though.
DR makes coloured strings.
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I got some free DR Black Beauties from www.stringsandbeyond.com. I got them free because I'm in Iraq, again..lol. The review of them say that the paint or whatever it is, anodization doesn't come off, and they're right if they mean the part of the string that's on the neck, but where you pick it comes off slowly but surely.

Great bright sound (if that's what you're going for) and overall pretty nice strings.
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DR's are what you want. Great strings.
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DR's make like 5 or 6 different colors including black and they come in different gauges too. i've always liked 11-54's (Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies) and their 11's sets are 11-50's. not thick enough for me.
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Rotosound Nexus do 9s and 10s in black.

- just bought and tried on my guitar and they sound extremely dull.
DRs for sure. Just be aware the color will come off quickly where you pick. ANd on the underside where they touch the frets too. I have them on guitar and bass. For bass playing fingerstyle will not rub off the coating.