Fender Deluxe Blackout Telecaster

Great sound, especially with the mid pup - my favourite band being post-rockers Mogwai, the tone is great for playing Stuart's guitar parts. The action is great up the entire neck, though in the one I played there was a small amount of buzz on frets 1-3 - nothing a quick truss rod tweak can't fix.

I mostly play post-rock and shoegaze.

I've seen it for £425 or so on GAK. That's dangerously within budget for somebody who's supposed to be moving to university in 9 days.

And when I say very close, if cheques cleared in 24 hours instead of 4 days I would have bought that.

What do I do UG?
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What do I do UG?

stop bothering us with your "i almost bought this guitar, but i didn't" threads

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What do I do UG?

I don't know, go have lunch? Take a Nap? Go back to work?

Post when you actually buy a guitar, not when you almost bought one...

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What do I do UG?

If you like it and have the money for it then you obviously shouldn't buy it....

Why even make this thread? Seriously...?

Get the guitar.


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