A boy with flames in his hands

If you search deep into yourself
You’ll find out most about the world
Through processes of pure unrest
Rather than those of plain thought

And if yourself seems not unique
Then my friend you have lost a round
The game of life is “hide and seek”
But sometimes this is turned around

Stupid as I may seem
Thinking this way can be the one
I’m fully assured I’m not insane
When I’m proud of the things I’ve done

Arrest me
Suppress me
But you will never break me
Cause even when I am alone
I stand
Betray me
Delay me
Don’t want you to obey me
I ‘m just a boy with flames
In my hands
Every form of control over another person is a crime

AEK Athens
Asteras Exarcheion
Prasini Thyella
Rayo Vallecano

RED MILITIA-Vamos a Vencer