hi,i have a picking problem:
when i hit the string specially in high speed the side of my thumb and second finger have contacts to the strings!
this wont be showed in the sound in low speeds but in high speed i have problems with this and i think some thing isn't right
now i wanna know is this natural or i have some mistakes and must practice to make it correct?
i think thats because when i hit the strings my fingers and pick have a move toward and then backward the guitar between the strings!i mean i don't move my hand and the pick parallell to guitar and strings in high speed and has a"go inside and outside of the space between strings' move.did you get it? move!i'm not good in english.hope to tell it right ,sorry
now when i think about my holding shape i figure out that my thumb and second finger are too close to the edge down the pick.this can be one reason