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What should be included on a band flyer? apart from the obvious (Band names, location, price, times for example)

Does anyone know where i can get band flyers done for free? i want a really professional one doing.

I would do it myself but im useless with photoshop and i have no access to publisher or programmes like that.

Thanks In Advance,
ask the venue ur going to about band flyer artists
include ur band name obviously
all u rlly need is the band name venue price and what kind of band you are
good luck
i can do some designs for you tomorrow if you'd like, i study the designing of flyers and such.

you'd only need to go to a nearby copy shop to get them printed. leave me a message if you're interested.
Try and get your band logo or a picture of your band as either the background or a small image if there are supporting bands.
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Just get a 1/4th sheet of paper with your band logo as the background and the rest of the essentials (time date, place, etc..) then name the bands that you'll be playing with in regular font and writing.