this is an interesting song, listen to it.

if you leave a good c i will be inclined to give you a good c back.

please think about the more odd parts in context of a recording and not the gp file.

edit: updated.

edit: updated again , finished (not really worth a relisten though... unless you really like it)
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First of all, this is excellent! I like how you mentioned to think about the song in a recording context instead of a GP file, too many people start focusing on that instead of the music...

Moving on now, the intro is beautiful. The bass goes great under the guitar, there's a great atmosphere about everything. Everything after this is great, I have never heard anything like it in my life. Bar 40 is a favourtie of mine when the drums come in, it keeps the listener guessing. It's awesome.

I don't have too much to say as I'm not familiar with this style of music, and I'm sure you have you your own vision and feel of the song!The only thing I can say is perhaps the song kind of looses its structure down the track, but again I'm not sure if that's what you were trying to push forward in the piece

Over all, a great original piece. Definately an interesting one at that!

Keep it up mate

Bar 1-11
Nice jazzy feel, like your durm work and the intro fill. The guitar and bass melody has a great feel to it.

Bar 12-16

This part is a bit too crazy for me, it was too difficult to detect a certain structure but I guess, that'S what you planned.

Bar 17-39
Despite the fact, that this part sounds almost terrible in guitar pro, I'm sure it would be great if performed live. Nice bassline.

Bar 40-53

Good break in contrast the previous part. I particularly like the 5/8 bar, because I expected a short 8th note slide, but it was actually a quarter note. Transition to the next part is also fine

Bar 54-73

The drums are fitting in great here and I really wished for the part to last a little longer.
Love the guitars at bars 64-67, the melody sounds mysterious.

Bar 74-90
This part seems to be unnecessary, it could be much more simply and still do it's job

Bar 91-107
The Idea of bringing a back an old riff in a new style is good, but I don't like the riff so I cant really tell much here.

Bar 108-131
Great feeling at bar 16, quite atmospheric. Nothing wrong with this part generally.

Bar 132-139
good drum beat and ending

Bar 140-153

Ok, a helicopter sound onstage would be an awesome break, I'd really like to see this

Bar 154-165

Don't really know what that is supposed to be but im sure it will be...good....

Bar 166-End
Great dissonance, really like this part.
I love how every part is different to another and how you later mix thw two parts.Well suited for fading out, makes a decent outro.

All in all the Song was really strange but I enjoyed the listen. Your rythm work was awesome and I can see you put a lot of effort into this. 9/10

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I'm not worthy of critting such an intricate, original, and fantastic piece. But I do have to say, you write the ****ing craziest drum tracks I've ever seen, haha.
oh man.. your drum track.
i wish i'd have enough patience to do this.
and talent of course.
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