Ok i would like to switch between clean and distortion with one switch while keeping my chorus on my clean signal only when i switch to my distortion then when i switch to my clean have the chorus still on. plus i usually have an echo on the clean as well. basically im wondering if i can use this to have a loop with my distortion and phaser in it and another loop with my chorus and echo in it so if i want to go from distortion to a clean with chorus i can turn on those while im playing distortion then when i switch to the actual clean sound i only have to press one pedal instead of two or three. Im sorry i cant explain this very well but anyway here is what im looking at


any help is appreciated
Sounds like you are on the right track. That's what loop switch does. Without reading deeper it looks like that one has the ability to combine, serialize, or parallel the loops. You may not need that much functionality. But if the price is right for you then why not. Maybe you'll find new things you want to do.

I made my own 2 loop + bypass switch for about $30. But it might be hard to find a premade one with 2 loops cheaper.
Thank you i also like that i can set different levels with that pedal too i think because my chorus i love it but it doesnt have a level control and it always adds a little volume jump
if you wanted to build something, this might be a place to start. not exactly what you want, but if youve got a bit of circuit knowledge you could modify it to make the loops switchable.

other than that, the LS-2 would be pretty much exactly what you want.