(This is spoken word to actually introduce you to the song with no music behind, spoken rhythmically.)

Essex Isnt Sex in Spanish

This is something horrible
A chill you just cant ignore
A thought that words let fall to the floor

The attributed destruction
Of my re-recognition of a memory
That left us all feeling sorry

And my conclusion of never paying attention,
To anything less than interesting

Bleeds a curse to these words,
That i thought you heard all these years

A symbolic reinvention of our love
Thought lost to criticism but never
forgotten by the parties at play

And all id like to know, is what you have to say...

(This is where the music comes in with the lyrics and it is actually sung)

So, Talk.
And let me hear your voice
Before I'm lost
I could use this noise

Your thoughts
So bottled up
Im sick of filing papers, waiting on signatures
To see your face

These lights, are flying by
Chasing buses an losing time

I used to know you
Used to hold you
But now i cant get through
Forgetting how to talk to you